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PRESS RELEASE: Victoria Koblenko named Canary 500-ambassador

5 november 2014 | Door | Categorie: Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: Victoria Koblenko named Canary 500-ambassador

The bullet is through the canary! After lengthy and representative survey of visitors to the Yellow Canary VictoriaKoblenko is proclaimed and appointed Canary 500 ambassador.

Victoria Koblenko got into our reliable poll by far the most votes. Almost one in four visitors to the Yellow Canary sees the actress and media personality the ideal showcase for the Canary 500 project.

The chief editor warmly welcomes the appointment of Koblenko: “Victoria has a very positive vibe, has a rich arsenal of skills, has knowledge and makes effective use of social media and has yellow dress and (inter) national contacts, also in countries such as Ukraine and Russia, where the Yellow Canary has much more to do. ”

Victoria Koblenko defeated in our representative poll with 23 percent of the vote its closest competitors Heleen Mees (16 percent) and Erik de Vlieger (13 percent).

Heleen Mees is appointed as a result of its second vice-ambassador Canary 500. “If the Canary 500 ambassador is tired, ill or can not exercise its optional activities for Canary 500 because of other circumstances, there can be invoked in these economically well-grounded power woman with a sharp eye on China growth market, “explains the chief editors from.

Victoria Koblenko will remain in office until the end of the Canary 500 project, confirms the chief editor. “That will be so when the Yellow Canary has 500 followers on Twitter. Are At the official launch of the project in May 2013, counted the Twitter account of the Yellow Canary 62 more followers (the so-called early adopters, ed.), Now this number has increased more than sixfold to 396. Our new Canary 500 ambassador we assume that the goal of 500 will be reached quickly! ”



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