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PRESS RELEASE: Gele Kanarie ends weekly section Hot in Singapore

15 januari 2014 | Door | Categorie: Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: Dutch website Gele Kanarie ends weekly section ‘Hot in Singapore’
‘No more partnership with Straits Times because it’s time to shift the focus’, says editor.

Dutch website Gele Kanarie had decided to end its weekly section Hot in Singapore. Over a year, had paid attention every week on the second most popular article in the Straits Times. Now Gele Kanarie has 52 articles well worth reading about everyday life in Singapore.

But after a year, it’s ‘time to shift the focus’, the editor of the Dutch website has said. ‘This is not just about journalistic reasons , but also about admissions, customer satisfaction , variety and need, the Singapore market and above all: we have to make choices. You should not be a kind of dodo and just walk around in Singapore. As a website, the dodo should also be encouraged to spread its wings. Therefore we look at other regions.’

It is not yet clear on which website or newspaper the ‘Yellow Canary’ is going to focus. ‘Over the past year, the Straits Times has been a reliable partner on news about Singapore. Then you do not have one – two – three an equivalent journalistic medium. That is something we are looking in right at this moment.’



Read the whole article on the end of our section Hot in Singapore.

For more information:
Twitter: @gele_kanarie
Facebook: Gele Kanarie


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