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PRESS RELEASE: FC Zhetysu wins prestigious European trophy

2 januari 2014 | Door | Categorie: Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: FC Zhetysu wins prestigious European trophy

Eleven goalles draws draw attention of Dutch website

FC Zhetysu from Kazakhstan has won the prestigious Goalles Draw Competion 2013, organised by Dutch newswebsite De club therefore will be rewarded with the so called ‘Bloedeloze 0-0 Bokaal’.

FC Zhetysu have played eleven times a goalles draw in the Kazakh football competition last year, more than any other European club. Three clubs have finished on the second place with nine goalles draws: CFR Cluj (Romania), Sarajevo and Velez Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Our analysts say: ‘The Kazakh perfect combination of strong defensive game with lousy attackers yielded eleven goalless draws. Especially in the second half of the year Zhetysu went wild on the 0-0 field.’

‘The month of October was a highlight : FC Zhetysu played three times 0-0 in a row (at Atyrau , Akzhayik and Vostok) and after that goalles hattrick they contained their leading position untill the end’, concludes our analyst.



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