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PRESS RELEASE: Esbjerg fB wins prestigious European trophy

6 januari 2015 | Door | Categorie: Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: Esbjerg fB wins prestigious European trophy

Eight goalles draws draw attention of Dutch website

Esbjerg fB from Denmark has won the prestigious Goalles Draw Competion 2014, organised by Dutch newswebsite De club therefore will be rewarded with the so called ‘Bloedeloze 0-0 Bokaal’.

Esbjerg have played eight times a goalles draw in the Danish football competition last year, more than any other European club. Five clubs have finished on the second place with seven goalles draws: Merani Martvili (Georgia), Nantes (France), Olimpija Ljubljana (Slovenia), Sunderland (England) and good old Petrolul (Romania).

Our analysts say: ‘A fantastic achievement of our Danish friends. The competition was more interesting and more intense than in 2013, when FC Zhetysu (Kazakhstan) was top of the bill with eleven 0-0’s.’

‘Esbjerg is a dull, colorless team with a strong defense and a lousy attack: the perfect winner of the Bloodless 0-0 Trophy, one might say’, concludes our analyst.



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